Journey of a Horseman

Jar: Journey of a Horseman

The relationship between man and horse has a rich history.  From the founding fathers of the Sport of Kings to the horsepower that helped build this great nation. Jean Albert Renaud, an internationally acclaimed horseman of African American and Native American descent, takes us through the world of equine and his life as a composer, performer, activist, and horseman.

JAR: Journey of a Horseman is a 50-minute documentary detailing the life and success of Jean Albert Renaud otherwise known as JAR. Recognized as the first African American horseman to create his own breed, JAR’s journey begins with his introduction to horses when he was just three years old. Renaud narrates his experience from the projects of East Baltimore, to Motown where he lost himself in a life of stardom.  Among other things, he credits the horse with saving him from a life of drugs, sex, and rock n roll. JAR dabbled in a multitude of pop cultural movements, sharing accounts from his days in Motown, the Civil Rights Movement, the AIDS epidemic, and today’s plight to mentor and educate disadvantaged youth.

Composer, performer, horseman and activist, JAR’s story begins and ends with the horse; his grandfather taught him at a young age to respect the horse for not only its strength but also its spirit.  The documentary captures the relationship between man and horse and urges viewers to garner a greater appreciation for the native species. Renaud takes us on a tour of Sunshine Acres his Maryland ranch where he has trained many horses over the years. He shares unique accounts of his breeding and riding career that is a blend of classical and natural styles inspired by the master trainer Lori Davis. Viewers will join Renaud on his journey through the world of equine and his fight to restore the prestige of the sport and create a new way to mentor at-risk youth. Just as JAR wandered from the horse only to be saved by his love of the species, we too must return to the love and appreciation of the horse.

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